Touristic locations


Prokuplje, 50,000 people town, is located in South-Central Serbia right on Corridor X highway (one of principal European transport corridors connecting Greece and other Balkan states with Western Europe). Currently there is one medium-size hotel in the town, Hotel Hameum with 64 beds and two smaller hotels, Hotel Savicevac with a scenic view atop a hill with 12 beds andProkuplje%20nocu Hotel Skadarlija with 15 beds. All need major renovation. Hotel Hameum has been privatized and the new owner is willing to sell part or entire share of the hotel, whose key assets are its location in downtown Prokuplje (which could attract significant transit stay from Corridor X) and a large garden that generates significant revenue as outdoor cafe. Hotel Savicevac could also be renovated into luxury business apartments and first class restaurant (municipality owns the hotel and is willing to lease it for a longer time period).

In the vicinity of Prokuplje municiplaity , less then 30km , there are tree spa with healty hot water: Prolom spa, Lukovska and Kursumlijska spa as well as around world


The Hisar is a hill behind Prokuplje 300 meters from the center of the town. It stands for the town symbol. It is the site of the medieval fortress with still well preserved tower, popularly called the Tower of Jug Bogdan, who was a hero of the Battle of Kosovo. The Hisar Hill is the most beautiful and the most significant cultural and historical and tourist symbol of Prokuplje. The hisarHill is situated in the very center of the town and there is a series of interesting attractions on it. On the top of Hisar Hill there are remnants of a medieval town. Investment in this site would enable the medieval Jug Bogdan’s fortress to get new attractions, out of which the summer stage is the most important one. At the place where the Toplica River flows upstream , an ethno-restaurant (water-mill) should be made. With the completion of this project, with the existing hall, tennis courts, and the swimming pool in close vicinity, the tourist offer at this site would be completed.



The White Stone (Beli Kamen) mountain is situated at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level and its highest peak is Bandera at 1155 m and it represents the main tourist center of the municipality of Prokuplje. Remodeling of the mountaineering – recreational center «Beli Kamen» will open up new possibilities for construction of the tourist infrastructure in this area: conversion of the elementary school in the outdoor school, development of the archeological site (Rgajski hill-fort, the dam on the Zlata River), development and equipping of the terrain for organization of picnics, construction of ski tracks, walk paths, and sledge tracks. In view of the fact that this is an ecologically clean space¸ production of ecological health food, picking and distribution of medicinal plants and making of tourist souvenirs with the motives of this area are imposed as supporting activities. Additionally, it is necessary to asphalt the road to Bubličko jezero-Lake, to develop the banks of the Lake, and to prohibit illegal construction and pollution of the Lake with waste waters. It is necessary to improve the work of tourist staff, presentations of the tourist offer, and to provide signaling towards the tourist destinations.

The Rastovnocko Lake is an attractive location (2 km away from Prokuplje) suitable for development of tourism, the potentials of which were not used in the previous period.

In the territory of the municipality of Prokuplje, numerous civilizations have left their imprint so that here there are cultural and historical landmarks from all the periods of history.

crkvaThe St. Prokopije Church, in the towns vicinity, was built in the tenth century, and the Roman church originating from the sixteenth century well illustrates the influence of the Catholic culture, conferred by the Venetian merchants over the fifteenth and sixteenth century.





Archeological site «Plocnik», the site of an area of 120 hectares on which, in the period of Early Neolithic in the middle of the sixth millennium B.C., copper metallurgy was developed. It is located 25 km away from Prokuplje. The exhibits are displayed inTerme the National Museum Toplica in Prokuplje.






The Monastery of St. George is located in Ajdanovac, 29 km away from Prokuplje. It was constructed on the slopes of Veliki Jastrebac Mt. around 1320, and has a preserved and authentic fresco painting.